Step 1: Create Account
Make sure that your mobile number is correct and in 03451234567 format, you will not be able to change your mobile number later. This mobile number will be used for online payment of application fee and all SMS alert regarding your admissions. Make sure you have selected correct mobile network too against "Select Network" option.

Password should be at least 8 characters and must contain at least 1 number and 1 capital alphabet

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Instructions For This Page

INSTRUCTIONS: This is the first step of online admission process. Please provide your mobile number and set your login password.
Fields with * are mandatory.

IMPORTANT: Mobile Number must be filled . The one you filled will be used for login.

  • Mobile Number Enter your personal mobile number. Make sure to enter the correct mobile number as it will be used for online payment of application fee.
  • Select Network Please select your mobile network
  • Password Chose a login password
  • Confirm Password Re-enter your login password