Admission of students in the college is conducted strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations, framed by the provincial Higher Education Department and BISE Abbottabad on merit basis. Admission at intermediate level is online to facilitate the candidates and to maintain easy access and transparency.

Admission Instructions for students:

Admission of FA/F.Sc for the session 2017-18 will be online.

Students can apply online by using 4 different steps. At each step he will fill separate form. At first step he will create account by providing CNIC Number or Form B or Mobile Number as login name and password. Provision of functional Mobile number is mandatory. This login name and password will be used by students for checking his admission status. During the process of filling admission forms student will receive different messages on mobile number provided by student regarding his admission. While filling admission form each student should specify his program (Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Computer Science, Arts Group) and quota (Local, Non Local, Sports, Disabled, Higher Education Employee Quota). Students should fill separate form if he is applying for more than one program or quota. Moreover, he will have to deposit Rs. 100/- for each program or quota e.g. if a student is applying for 3 programs than he will have to deposit Rs. 300/- as application processing fee. For sports quota student can specify sub quota (Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, kabaddi etc.) as per college policy. At the end system will generate token ID for each student, student should deposit Rs. 100/- as application processing fee against the token ID at any Jazz Retailer shop.


Student should thoroughly fill each online admission form. In case of any wrong entry, student will be responsible for that. Student should provide correct information otherwise his admission shall stand cancelled.


The upper age limit for admission shall be 19 years and shall be counted with respect to the closing date for receipt of application for admission.For admission on sports quota maximum age shall be considered one year less than the age limits shown above.


a. overage candidate(expect under sport quota) can apply for relaxation in the upper age limit for up to three years by giving cogent reasons for availing such relaxation. Applications for age relaxation must be submitting before the closing date of submission of application forms.

b. The provisional admission shall stand cancelled if the relaxation in upper age limit is not granted by the competent authority within 30 days of making such a request.


Admission in the college shall stand cancelled under the following circumstances.

i. If any information given by the student in his admission forms is found to be incorrect at any stage.

ii. If the student fails to attend the classes within 10 days of the start of session.

iii. If a student is found to be professional agitator, or has been struck off any educationalinstitution on disciplinary grounds.

iv. If the student is practically involved in politics.

v. If a student admitted on sports basis either does not submit an undertaking that he will actively participate in the college sports team, or does not participate in the college sports activities of the college.

vi. On the request of student provided the request is made within a specified time period notified by the admission committee, otherwise dues received in the college fund shall not be refunded.


A student who remains absent for more than six consecutive days without his approved leave shall be struck off the college roll without any notice.


A student whose admission is cancelled or whose name is struck off on the basis of long absence can apply for re-admission to the principal within 15 days of the issue of such notification. The principal may allow his re-admission on payment of the re-admission fee/Admission Fee and any other outstanding dues.Re-admission for second time in a current academic session shall not be generally allowed. However, genuine and deserving cases may be submitted to the Director Higher Education on the basis of valid documentary proof with the condition that the applicant can make up for his shortages and can fulfill the requirement of 75% attendance during the remaining period of the session. Such students shall pay all the Government fees and pupils fund except security and BISE/University charges.


Change of faculty is not allowed. However change of subject is allowed subject to the following conditions:

i. the student must apply for change of subject within 21 days of the start of the classes at each level of studies as notified by the concerned committee.

ii. Change of subject is allowed only within a faculty or group of subjects.


Migration to or from the college is allowed by the principal of both the colleges subject to the conditions:

i. That the applicant is seeking migration from a college situated beyond 16 kilometer from this college.

ii. That the request is based on genuine grounds like parents/guardian transfer, family shifting, family enmity or marriage duly supported by documentary proof.

iii. Marks obtained by the candidate in the last examination passed are not less than the minimum marks obtained by a regular student of that class.

iv. The migration is within the prescribed time period as announced by BISE Abbottabad..