Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations



  1. Admission process start on the date announced by the admissiom committee and continues according to the schedule of BISE Abbottabad.

  2. The application form duly filled by the candidates shall be supported by attested photocopies of the following documents:

  • SSC Certificate
  • Detail Marks Sheet/ Certificate of SSC
  • Character certificate issued by the learning institution last attended. Where the candidate has passed last examination. In private capacity such certificate shall be signed by a gazetted officer

  • Domicile certificate.

  • Self/father CNIC/Form B.

  • Three coloured photographs.

  • Quota eligibility certificate in case candidate applies for a specified quota notified by the government,e.g Sports, Disable or Education Employees quotas etc.

  • Migration certificate for candidates having passed there examination from other then BISE Abbottabad.

  • Affidavit as per specimen.

    NOTE: Migration certificate –(h) and affidivat in the light of supreme court decision for refraining from politics- (i)

    Will be obtained by candidates at the time when their admission is confirmed.

3. Application which are not registered within due date shall not be considered for admission.

4. The principal may keep 10% of the total number of the seats in each faculty for 15 days for meritorious students who may not turn up on for a admission within the prescribed time for admission due to unavoidable circumstances. The minimum marks declaring a candidates as meritorious will be determined by the concerned committee of the college.

5. If a student applies for admission one or more years late (maximum up to three years ) then he shall produce an affidavite to the effect that he has not been admitted to any college/institution previously and he is availingthe opportunity for admission for the first time

6. Students passing the supplementary examination are not elligible for adimission in the academicyear in which he has pass the examination.

7. Students failed in one or more subject are allowed to admission in 1st year class.

8. Student who failed in any class or did not appeare in the examination are discontinuedtheir studies are not allowed readmission in the same or lower class.

9. Students placed in “E”grade in SSC exam are not allowed admission in 1st year in any faculity/group.

10. General conditions as well as conditions specific to particular faculty/group or subject for admission to the intermediate level are those set by BISE Abbottabad for the relevant level faculty or subject.

11. No regular admission in any class is allowwed to a candidate who has already passed equivalent examination in another faculty/group or subject.

12. Canidates who fail to conformed their seats by depositing the required fee within the specific period shown on any merit list shall lose their right of admission and his seat well be alloted to the nest candidate in order to merit. However, if such candidate(s) turn are admission at a later stage or vacant seats are avilable then such condidate may have be given opportunity before offering admission to next candidate(s) havinf lower stage on the merit list.

13. For intermediate part-1/1st year/admission are the awared on the basis of the following all location.

i. Seventy eight percent(78%) of the total number of seats are reserved for local candidates of the area in which college is situated.

A candidate is defined local to a college if he:

  • Is domicile of district Mansehra .
  • Is child/spouse of an employee of the federal or provincial government serving in the district of the mansehra.

  • Has passed the last exam from the feeding school/college of the area situated in district mansehra.

ii. 10% seats are reserved for candidates of area other then didtrict mansehra provided they have obtained A or A1 or A+ grade in the last examination passed.

iii. 5% seats at each level are reserved for the children fo the emplyees of the higher education department khyber pakhtunkhwa (college subsector) on provincial basis.

iv. 2% seats are reserved for disable candidates on provincial basis.

v. 5% seats are reserved at each level for sports quota on provincial basis. These seats are only for the ganes which are available and offered by the college.

vi. seats falling vacant under any quota will be allocated to quota for local candidates.

14. Twenty extra marks are awarded to Hafiz-e-Quran. Such candidates shall not only supporttheir claim by the relevent certificate but they shall also have to pass the recitation test conducted by the relevant admission committee.

15. Five marks per year are deducted from the obtained marks of a candidate who has passed the last examination in the previous year(s). such procedure is limited for the candidates who failed to get admission during the previous three consecutive years only.

16. Merit list of sports quota for the game(s), facility for which is available in the college will be prepared on the basis of performance of candidates in sports, which well be measured as below:

i. Previous Participation Marks

  • School/ College level Certificate10

  • Inter District/ Zone Certificate15

  • District level Certificate20

  • Regional/BISE inter School/ Inter

    Colleges/ DHE Regional level certificate 25

  • Inter-Board/ Provincial certificate30

  • BISE/ Other National Level Certificate35

    NOTE: Candidate having more than one of the above certificates shall be awarded marks of only higher certificate that he has.

ii. Trial Marks


iii. Total Sports Marks (a+b)


Students admitted on sports basis shall be required to submit an undertaking that they will actively participate in the college sports team, failing which their admission shall stand cancalled.