Home Exam and Attendance

Home Exam and Attendance


Examination and Attendance:

  1. Regular monthly tests are held throughout the academic year for all Intermediate and Degree classes.Annual pre Board and Pre University examinations are held during the acedemic session.
  2. Attendance at lectures and practicals is compulsory.
  3. Irregularity in attendance is furnished by fine.However irrespective of the payment of absentee fine,any student showing less than 75% aggregate attendance in any month ,will be struck off the college roll immediatly.
  4. A student absent for 6 consective days or absent for 6 consective lectures without approved leave will automatically be struck off the college roll.
  5. A student using unfair means in the college monthly tests or other college examinations will be expelled from the college.
  6. For late admission cases attendance shall be counted from the begining of the session and not from the day of their admission as per Board Rule.the student herself shall be responsible for the shortage of her attendance if any.
  7. A student will be struck off the college roll at any stage if she is not upto the required standard in pre Board Examination and Monthly Test or Attendance record.


The Examination forms will be sent up to the Borad/University in two installments.

  1. Examinations forms of students showing not less than 90% aggregate attendance and not less than 50% aggregate test marks will be sent to the Borad/University in 1st Installment without late fee.however all approved leaves will only be considered for last installmnt of forms sent up.
  2. Examinations forms of students (with or without approved leave)showing not less than 75% aggregate attendance and not less than 33% tests marks will be sent to Board/University in the last installment with tripple Fee.
  3. Board/University Examinations Forms of the science students not attending practical classes will be withhold.
  1. Board Examinations forms are sent provisionally and can be withdrawn at any stage.
  2. Any Financial Aid given to the student by the college will be withdrawn unless a consistently high standrad in both Attendance and Monthly Tests is maintained .student who hold out side scholorship will have their scholorship reviewed on the basis of their performance in Tests /Exams /Attendance.