Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities




During the class room lectures, there exists a formal contact, limited to teachers of the relevant subject. Guidance Groups are, therefore, formed to make this contact informal and friendly in its scope. Students are divided in small groups and each group meets once a week under the guidance of the member of teaching staff. Students discuss literary, educational, individual and collective problems in an informal manner with their tutor. This creates a congenial atmosphere of better understanding. Tutorial groups may arrange tours/excursions. All these activities expand the mental horizon and outlook of a student.


A tutor maintains the academic, co-curricular, personal and family record of each student attached to him. He examines his training and educational evaluation and through the chief tutor, keeps contact with parents of each student.


Mental growth and physical development are must for a vigorous mind. To enhance mental abilities and physical potentialities of the students, all facilities of sports and training are provided. The college students have been showing commendable performance in the inter boards, inter universities and provincial games for the last few years and have won distinctions in some games.