Principal's Message

Principal's Message


I feel extreme honor to lead/run an institution which provides education to the people o this area.

education is the prime objective of life which bring positive change in the behavior of the learner and produce a high spirit of patriotism and morality. We are determined to provide and facilitate the teaching-learning process in this institution, with a focus on developing socio-cultural values, impacting and refining skills and molding students into useful human beings/citizens. we are committed to leaving no stone unturned to accomplish the task of education, physical and cognitive development of students and pursuance of high academic excellence.

we strive to ensure and educational environment wherein students creative and innovative potentialities will be sparked and improve further.

I appeal to the students to extend all-out cooperation in achieving the objectives of education. they are required to be focussed toward curricular and co-curricular activities to earn a good name for the institution and the country as well.

I hope that student cooperation and Parents/Community coordination will make the Undertaken Task Easier and Practical for me.

Prof: Rafiq Ahmad Bacha

Principal GDC Totakan