1. Every student is supposed to completed 75% attendance from the commencement of the academic year till 14 days prior to the examinations, otherwise their examinations forms will be held suspended. Furthermore such, students will not be entitled to any kind of scholarship.
  2. To ensure the attendance of the students, daily attendance will be called and attendance count will be recorded in the attendance register.
  3. Attendance registers will be regularly checked by an appointed staff member.
  4. Absence lists will be prepared daily and sent to the clerk office.
  5. Every month absence fine lists will be displayed on notice board.
  6. A student who remains willfully absent for 6 days from classes or remains absent for 3 days from practicals, will be struck off from college.
  7. A student who got struck off due to a long absence or other reason, on his application for readmission the concerned professor has to write the student’s attendance detail or the nature of his violation.

Leave Procedure

  1. If due to inevitable reason a student needs up to 3 days leave he will have to write an application on a plain paper duly signed from his tutor and must be submitted to the concerned clerk.
  2. If a student requires up to 5 days leave, the application must be signed from the Chief Tutor.

When the application is formally accepted the student is not fined for absence anyhow shortage in his attendance may occur for which the student can be held responsible.

Re-admission Rules

  1. A student who willfully remains absent for six consecutive days he will be rusticated from college roll and will be given one chance of readmission.
  2. A student is given only 15 days for readmission.
  3. On the occasion of re admission the parents/ guardian of the student will be formally informed.
  4. Struck off case ensured by long absence on readmission the student has to solemnly declare that he/she will attend his/her classes regularly or he/she will abstain from repeating the practice and that he/she will not be eligible for further readmission.

Detail of Fines

  1. Daily absence fine Rs. 2.
  2. Fine for absence per period Re. 1.
  3. Fine for absence from science practical Rs. 5.
  4. Fine for non compliance of college uniform Rs. 10.
  5. Fine for not keeping College Identity Card Rs. 5.

Note: Disciplinary fine can be imposed according to the nature of violation of a regulation.

All official deposits will be considered as true and genuine when the depositors have formally issued receipts.