Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission



The vision of an institution is the reason for the existence of that particular institution. Our vision is to make Govt Girls Degree College Nowshera Cantt as one of the finest institution of KP in terms of not only academic excellence but also an Ideal institution for achieving social, cultural as well as intellectual growth.


Our mission in GGDC is to achieve our vision by instilling the confidence in the students to believe themselves and to understand value of culture, society and religion. An emphasis is late on making the students well equipped to navigate through life. This needs to provide conductive environment and open opportunities to the student where they can prosper and achieve or create a “spark”, a “curiosity”, a “creativity”, and a “zest” for further knowledge which can eventually groom then into compassionate, caring and emotionally stable adults along with obtaining a skill for a good career.

The students are treated with compassion and care in order to develop and prepare then not only to enter the workforce but to achieve academic, social, cultural and intellectual growth too. In a nutshell students are prepared for “life, work and citizenship”.

The golden rules left as legacy by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah i.e. Unity, Faith and Discipline are the integral part of our mission and vision which are particularly emphasized.

The other core values like peace, simplicity, co-operation, honesty, awareness about personal hygiene are stressed so that to make the end product (students) as sensible and responsible human beings who are ready to contribute in a positive way towards their family, society, nation and are able to meet the global environment and face the challenges of 21st century.