All students are required, without fail to wear the following specified uniforn:

1. Shalwar-White Cotton/ Tetron (K.T)

2. Shirt- White Cotton/ Tetron(K.T)

3. Dopatta- White with Ribon Lining Shoulders:

for 1st Year-Red

for 2nd Year- Pink

4. Socks- White

5. Shoes- Black (High Heels are not allowed)

6. Cardigan- Black


1. All the students are required to bring white canvas P.T. shoes fro P.T. classes and games.

2. The care of burqa/chaddar is the responsibility of the students.

3. Students fine for not wearing proper uniform is Rs.20/-

4. If student repeatedly violate the rules related to uniform, they will be strictly punished accordingly.

Note: The college administration reserves the right to prevent any student dressed in improper uniform from entering into the college premises. College uniform is obligatory for all students.