Our mission is to bring about an evolutionary social change by providing a quality modern education that encourages our
students to realize their fullest potential. We prepare our students to achieve academic and personal excellence, to become lifelong learners and socially responsible, action-oriented and productive citizen of Pakistan with ethical loftiness, remaining
deeply attached to their roots in this diverse and ever-changing world.

We want to give productive, hardworking, innovative-minded and responsible people to the society, who believe in human
dignity, equality, philanthropy, rule of law and justice .Our students will touch the life of every one and will become a treasured
asset for the whole nation.

1. To provide the students with congenial educational environment with best learning opportunities plus instructional
programmes responsive to their lifelong learning, career and professional needs.
2. To inculcate in students innovative, creative, proactive and critical approach to take on the stiff challenges of the 21 century with professional honesty and diligence.
3. To shape the students personality in such a way that they become patriotic Pakistanis with proactive thinking and
analytical approach to life as we consider enlightened students the catalyst of peaceful change in a society.
4. To prepare and equip our students with the latest changing trends and innovations in
the field of education to enable them to play a vital role in enhancing the social
and economic development of the country