History of Jahanzeb College Swat:

Swat is Famous for its natural beauty among the scenic places of the world. Here flowers bloom in abundance and water, in the form of rills, pay tribute to the might river that impregnates the lush green flanks on its banks. The invading Turks called it the land of "honey and Milk". It is a fertile Valley and the ancient Greeks resided here for long.

The capital of Swat, Saidu Sharif, has always been the center of learning. All the ancient civilizations tell a glorious story of its past. The valley of swat enjoys the reputation of hosting and accommodating many civilizations at different ages; famous among them are the Grecian, Parthian, Kushan, Sassanid and Maurians. In the Buddhist Period Swat remained the cradle of learning. His Highness Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb, the former ruler of Swat state, had a great zest to put the state on the track that leads to success and prosperity. During his reign due to the vigilant security system peace prevailed and quick justice was extended to people.

He provided free health facilities to every one and constructed many hospitals and the time when telephone was not that common in the rest of the country; his telephone web was the most efficient one. Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb has a keen desire to see education prevailing in the state. He did a lot in this field. Apart from many schools in every nook and corner, he built the majestic building of Jahanzeb College in 1952.

Jahanzeb Postgraduate College towers with pride and promises a lot to the people of this area and the adjacent districts of K.P.K. The impressive buildings of Jahanzeb College can be seen in clusters sprawling on both sides of the road that links Mingora and Saidu Sharif.