Government Girls Degree College, Rustam

S.No Committees

1. College Council

2. Admission Committee F.A/F.Sc

Incharge: Ms. Farkhanda

Memebers: miss Aini

miss laila

miss saima HPE

3. Admission Committee B.A/B.Sc

Incharge: Miss Farzana

Members: miss Juwaryia zia

miss laila

miss Aini

4. Examination Committee

5. Proctorial Board

incharge: Siraj u Saba

Members: miss Farzana Khatoon

miss Laila Noor

miss Hanifa Daud

Miss Saima Rehman

Miss Saira Gul

6. Cleanliness Committee

members: miss Siraj u Saba

Miss Nasira

Miss Miss Juwaryia Zia

Miss Saima Rehman

8. College Time Table

Members: Miss Farkhanda

Mrs. Laila Noor

9. Biometric Based Attendance (BBMAS)

Focal Person: Ayesha Bashir

10. Staff Attendance

Miss Ayesha Bashir

Miss Farkhanda

11. Students Attendance

incharge: Nazia Malik

12. Scholarship

Incharge: Miss Nzia Malik

Mrs. Farkhanda

13. Entertainment Committee

Members: Miss Saima Rehman

Miss Muneeza

Miss Juwaryia

15. Monthly Test Record and Detention Exam

16. College Notice Board

17. Student’s Absentee List of F.A/F.SC

Incharge: Miss Nazia Malik

Members: Miss Aini

Miss Laila Gul

17. Student’s Absentee List of B.A/B.SC

Incharge: Miss Nasira

Members: Miss Alya

Miss Muneeza

18. College Meeting Minutes

Ayesha Bahir