Principal's Message

Principal's Message


In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Education is illumination, enlightenment and development. It is through education and

contemplation that we can recognize Almighty Allah as the Most Sublime and

Powerful. The first word revealed to Prophet (SAW) was Iqra/read which gives us

the philosophy to learn so that we can see the greatness of Allah SWT. So, my

message to you, my dear students, is that you should pour your body and soul in

studies. We are Muslims and our treasure of knowledge in every field of life is

inexhaustibe. Thus, you may follow others in right things without letting your

thoughts and judgment be clouded with their temptation for wrong.

Alhamdulillah! we are a living nation and our Islamic traditions, culture and heritage

is rich in every walk of life. So keep them alive and follow them so that you may be

on the right track of development and success, and let the world know that this is the

right way to success.

Dear students, pray five times a day because Namaz purifies our body and soul,

it makes us disciplined and brings feeling of regularity and gives right direction to our

thoughts and deeds. If you work hard and spend your time constructively then success

will follow in your footprints. Strive hard and explore new ways to success and

advancement. Best of luck!

Rabia Khatoon,

Principal, GGDC Rustam Mardan.