Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics



It is said that Mathematics is the gate and key of the Science. Neglect of Mathematics works injury to all knowledge.

In this modern age of Science and Technology, emphasis is given on science such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine and Engineering. Mathematics, which is a Science by any criterion, also is an efficient and necessary tool being employed by all these Sciences.

Mathematics is a creation of human mind concerned chiefly with ideas, processes and reasoning. It is much more than Arithmetic, more than Algebra more than Geometry. Also it is much more than Trigonometry Statistics and Calculus. Mathematics includes all of them.

So it is aptly remarked “Mathematics is a Science of all Science and art of all arts”.


  1. Dr. Nagina Assoc: Prof: P.hd in Mathematics
  2. Mrs. Rizwana Fiaz Asstt: Prof: M.Sc Mathematics
  3. Mrs. Bushra Naz Asstt: Prof: M.Phil Mathematics
  4. Miss. Noor us Saba Lecturer M.Sc Mathematics
  5. Mrs. Ayesha Mehboob Lecturer MS Mathematics, B.Ed
  6. Mrs. Samra Saleem Lecturer MS Mathematics (Goldmedalist), B.Ed


Syllabus for 4 Year B.S. Mathematics
(Semester System Programme)
Combination I
Mathematics-A, Mathematics – B, Physics
Duration of Programme: 4 Years (Eight Semester)
Requirement: F.Sc./ICS/General Science (with Maths and Stats)
F.Sc./ICS (with Maths and Physics.)
Medium of instructions: English
Credit Hours: 76+66=142
Scheme of Studies for BS in Mathematics
Combination II
Mathematics-A, Mathematics-B, Statistics
Duration of Programme: 4 Years (Eight Semesters)
Requirement: F.Sc./ICS/General Science (with Maths and Stats)
F.Sc./ICS (with Maths and Physics)
Medium of instruction: English

Credit Hours: 76+66=142

B.S. Mathematics Semester I
ISE-111 Islamiat/Ethics 2cr.
ENG-111 English-1 (Language in Use) 3 cr
COMP-111 Computer (Introduction and Applications 3cr
Math-101 Mathematics A-1 [Calculus (1)] 4 cr
Math-102 Mathematics B-1 [Vectors & Mechanics (1)] 4cr
Stat-101 Statistics-I 3cr
Stat-102 Statistics Lab-I 1cr
Total 20 cr.
B.S Mathematics Semester II
PST-111 Pakistan Studies 2 cr.
ENG-112 English-II (Academic Reading and Writing) 3 cr.
Stat-103 Statistics-II 3 cr.
Stat-104 Statistics Lab-II 1 cr.
Math-103 Mathematics A-II [Plane Curves and Analytic Geometry] 4 cr.
Math-104 Mathematics B-II [Mechanics (II)] 4 cr.
Math-105 Discrete Mathematics 2 cr.
Total 19
B.S. Mathematics Semester-III
ENG-211 English-III (Communication Skills) 3 cr.
STAT-201 Statistics-III 3 cr.
STAT-202 Statistics Lab-III 1 cr.
MATH-201 Mathematics A-III [Linear Algebra] 4 cr.
MATH-202 Mathematics B-III [Calculus (II)] 4 cr.
MATH-205 Graph Theory 2 cr.
Total = 17
B.S. Mathematics Semester-IV
ENG-212 English–IV) English for Practical Aims) 3 cr.
PHY-213 Physics-IV 3 cr.
PHY-214 Physics Lab –IV 1 cr.
Stat-203 Mathematics A-IV [Ordinary Differential equations] 4 cr.
Stat-204 Mathematics B-IV [Metric Space & Group Theory] 4 cr.
SOC-211 Introduction to Sociology 3 cr.
MATH-206 Elementary Number theory 2 cr.
Total= 20 cr.
B.S Mathematics Semester V
MATH-301 Real Analysis I 3 cr.
MATH-302 Group theory-I 3 cr.
MATH-303 Complex Analysis-I 3 cr.
MATH-304 Vector and tensor Analysis 3 cr.
MATH-305 Topology 3 cr.
MATH-306 Differential Geometry 3 cr.
Total = 18 cr.
B.S Mathematics Semester VI
MATH-307 Real Analysis II 3 cr.
MATH-308 Rings and Vector Spaces 3 cr.
MATH-309 Complex Analysis II 3 cr.
MATH-310 Mechanics 3 cr.
MATH-311 Functional Analysis0I 3 cr.
MATH-312 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 cr.
Total = 18 cr.
B.S Mathematics Semester VII
MATH-401 Set Theory 3 cr.
MATH-402 Partial Differential Equations 3 cr.
MATH-403 Numerical Analysis-I 3 cr.
Any Two of the following:
MATH-404 Mathematical Statistics-I 3 cr.
MATH-405 Fortran Programming 3 cr.
MATH-406 Group Theory-II 3 cr.
MATH-407 Ring Theory 3 cr.
MATH-408 Number theory-I 3 cr.
MATH-409 Quantum Mechanics-I 3 cr.
MATH-410 Analytical Dynamics 3 cr.
MATH-411 Electromagnetic Theory-I 3 cr.
MATH-412 Operations research-I 3 cr.
MATH-413 Theory of Approximation and Spines-I 3 cr.
MATH-414 Functional Analysis-II 3 cr.
MATH-415 Fluid Mechanics-I 3 cr.
Total= 15cr.
B.S Mathematics Semester VIII
Maths-416 Measure Theory & Lebesgue Integration 3 cr.
Maths-417 Method of Mathematical Physics 3 cr.
Maths-418 Numerical Analysis II 3 cr.
Any Two of the Following 3 cr.
Maths-419 Mathematical Statistics II 3 cr.
Maths-420 Computer Applications 3 cr.
Maths-421 Group Theory III 3 cr.
Maths-422 Theory of Modules 3 cr.
Maths-423 Number Theory II 3 cr.
Maths-424 Quantum Mechanics II 3 cr.
Maths-425 Special Theory of Relativity 3 cr.
Maths-426 Electromagnetic Theory II 3 cr.
Maths-427 Operations Research II 3 cr.
Maths-428 Theory of Approximation & Splines II 3 cr.
Maths-429 Functional Analysis III 3 cr.
Maths-430 Fluid Mechanics II 3 cr.
Total= 15cr.