Department of Botony

Department of Botony



Botany is the branch which deals with the study of Plant Kingdom.

Its study in pure and applied form is need of the hour in order to overcome growing problems of food, shelter, housing, medicine, more recently green fuel and biogas, for automobiles and home cooking etc.

In B.S course work, all these aspects will be hopefully covered to a large extent and would equip the future generations in acquiring profound and advanced knowledge about environment and existing plant life.

This would eventually further enable the students/scholars in becoming more prepared for higher studies comprising Postgraduate, Doctorate & Post Doctorate levels.


  1. Miss. Dr.Sadia Afzal Assoc. Prof. M.Sc, M.Phil (Goldmedalist), Ph.D
  2. Mrs. Bazgha Jule Assoc Prof M.Phil Botany
  3. Mrs. Uzma Farid Asstt. Prof. M.Sc Botany, B.Ed
  4. Mrs. Madiha Asstt. Prof. M.Sc Botany, M.Phil, B.Ed
  5. Mrs. Farat Jabeen Lecturer. M.Sc Botany

Programs Offered:

BS in Botany

Scheme of Studies for BS in Botany

Semester – 1
S.No Title Credit Hours
BOT101 English-I 3
BOT102 Islamiyat 2
BOT103 Organic Chemistry 3+1
BOT104 Mathematics-I 3
BOT105 Cell Biology 3+1
Semester 2
S.No Title Credit Hours
BOT106 English-II 3
BOT107 Pakistan Studies 2
BOT108 Inorganic Chemistry 3+1
BOT109 Mathematics-II 3
BOT110 Morphology of Vascular Plants 2+1
Semester – 3
S.No Title Credit Hours
BOT201 Computer Applications 2+1
BOT202 Physics-I 3+1
BOT203 Zoology-I 3+1
BOT204 Systematic and Anatomy 3+1
Semester – 4
S.No Title Credit Hours
BOT205 Microbiology 2+1
BOT206 Physics-II 3+1
BOT207 Zoology-II 3+1
BOT208 Plant Physiology and Ecology 3+1
Semester – 5
S.No Title Credit Hours
BOT301 Biostatistics 3
BOT302 Virology and Bacteriology 2+1
BOT303 Phycology and Bryology 2+1
BOT304 Mycology and Plant Pathology 2+1
BOT305 Diversity of Vascular Plants 2+1
BOT306 Plant Systematics 2+1
Semester – 6
S.No Title Credit Hours
BOT307 Anatomy of vascular plants 2+1
BOT308 Genetics-I 3+1
BOT309 Plant Biochemistry-I 2+1
BOT310 Plant Ecology-I 2+1
BOT311 Plant Physiology-I 2+1
BOT312 Civilization/Research Methodology 2
Semester – 7
S.No Title Credit Hours
BOT401 Plant Bio-chemistry-II 2+1
BOT402 Plant Econlogy-II 2+1
BOT403 Plant Physiology-II 2+1
BOT404 Conservation Biology 2+1
BOT405 Genetics-II 3+1
Semester – 8
S.No Title Credit Hours
BOT406 Environmental Biology 3+1
BOT407 Molecular Biology 3+1
BOT408 Research Methodology 2
BOT409 Research/ Report writing 6
BOT410 Seminar 1
Total credit hours: 130