Department of Phsycology

Department of Phsycology



In our daily life we a lot of problems. Every second person is suffering from negative thoughts, anxiety, stress, memory disorder and even we encounter a lot of problematic questions, e.g. who are we why are we here in this world? Why do only we suffer and not others?

Answer of questions like these, and prevention and treatment of disorders can be found when we know our own selves that can only be done with the help of psychology. B.S Psychology is a little but important step not only in making society aware of these disorders in getting rid of these but also in developing healthy and positive personality. Our aim is to mould our students into constructive and forward looking minds.

Faculty Of Phsycology:

  1. Mrs. Faria Khan Asstt. Prof M.Sc Psychology
  2. Mrs. Saima Bibi Lecturer M.Sc Psychology, M.Phil
  3. Miss. Sadia Bano Lecturer. M.Phil, B.Ed
  4. Miss. Neelum Lecturer. M.Sc Psychology

Programs Offered:

Scheme of Studies for BS in in Psychology

Semester First Cr. Hour Semester Second Cr. Hour
Pakistan Studies 3

Statistics-I 3

Introduction to Psychology-I 3

History of Psychology 3

Practicum 3

English-I 3


Islamic Studies 3

Statics-II 3

Introduction to Psychology-II 3

School of thoughts in Psychology 3

Practicum-II 2

English-II 3


Semester Third Cr. Hour Semester Fourth Cr. Hour

Educational Psychology 3

Personality theories-I 3

English-III 3

Sociology 3

Cognitive Psychology 3


Personality –II 3

English-IV 3

Social Psychology 3


to Community 3

Intro to comp Science 3

Muslim Psychology 3


Semester Fifth Cr. Hour Semester Sixth Cr. Hour
Research methodology-I 3

MH& Psychology-I 3

DevelopmentalPsychology 3

Positve Psychology 3

Biology 3

Advance Social

Psychology 3


Rm-II 3

Psychological Testing I 3

M H & B Psychopathology-II3

Forensic Psychology 3

Maths-I 3

Physical education 3


Semester Seventh Cr. Hour Semester Eighth Cr. Hour
Neurological Basis of Behawior 3

Counseling Psychology 3

Economics-I 3Organizational Psychology 3

Cross-cultural Psychology 3

Psychological Testing-II 3


Research Project 3

Para Psychology 3

Internship 3

Economics-II 3

Politcal Science 3

Advance 3